8" Laburnum Hollow Form

8" Laburnum Hollow Form


This piece marked a huge moment in my own development and so sits in a special place in my display of work as well as my memory and emotions. Starting with a gnarly piece of Laburnum, which was interesting but odd in every way; irregular shape of the tree trunk, bark inclusions in awkward locations, pale sapwood in just a few key places. However, the piece of raw, wet wood suggested an interesting form would be possible and it took days and weeks to help it emerge.

I nibbled away at this form, exploring possible curves and intersections with grain patterns, insisting that I not be rushed into hasty decisions. After many days the outer shape had emerged, but now I had to find a way of hollowing the form out. I made my own articulated tool to get right inside the form and cut through the wood, again spending a lot of time and careful effort in case a catch while it was spinning around sent it crashing across the workshop.

The result is a piece that always grabs attention, provokes conversation and interest, if not a small amount of pride in its maker.

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